We're The New Age Title Company.

What To Expect

  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Closing Specialists. Quality service begins with knowledgeable professionals. At Lion Title, our closing agents are smart, experienced, and winsome. Lenders and agents love us because we are thorough, organized, and we pay attention to the details.
  • Escrow Prepared by Specialists. Our title specialists are our clients’ greatest asset. They do more than manage and rubber stamp work done by assistants, our officers are fully immersed in preparing each title order processed by Lion Title.
  • Talk with Real People. When our clients want to get something done, they don’t want to talk to a machine. All the technology in the world cannot bridge the value gap to conversation with real, knowledgeable, experienced people. If we miss our client’s calls, we return them – promptly.
  • Prompt E-Mail or Call Backs. If our clients try to contact us, it is probably for a good reason. Our clients expect quality service and we deliver by promptly returning their calls and e-mails. Because we put a premium on quality service, we’ll even return e-mails after hours.
  • Professionalism In Design & Detail. Realtors, impress your clients with our professionally designed products and documents. From our custom made envelopes and checks to our custom designed and crafted closing folders, your clients will know that you only work with the best.

We're Innovative

Lion Title does not run from technology, rather we embrace it to streamline our systems, save the environment, and make the escrow process more simple. Here's a few ways we achieve this:


Title is a paper intensive process. At Lion Title, we use GreenFolders to help the environment and help you. We help the environment by SAVING an average of 150 SHEETS OF PAPER per CLOSING! We help you by having instant, 24/7 access to all your title related documents – even after your property closes! Other title companies store their paper files in offsite warehouses, make you wait several days, and charge you a fee for trying to obtain a copy of a file after your property closes. Not Lion Title – we have a full record of contacts, e-mails, and your digital files securely stored on site. Need a file? There’s no fee, no wait time, no problem.

Closing Flash Drives

If you don’t like storing 150 cumbersome pages of closing documents, Lion Title has another option for you. Keep all your documents digitally! Lion Title provides all clients with the option to have their documents stored on one of our chic closing Flash Drives.

SMS Streamline

SMS Streamline is the next generation, closing and title production system that’s revolutionizing the industry! Using Streamline, Lion Title is able to more quickly and easily process your escrow and keep track of documents, conversations, and contacts important to closing your title without complication.

Active Facebook Community

When you become a fan of Lion Title, you’re joining an active community of people involved in real estate: REALTORS, loan officers, title officers, and, of course, buyers and sellers. In addition to receiving regular updates about important developments in the real estate market, you’ll also be notified about any giveaways we may be doing or meetups we might be having. Enjoy free Starbucks or want to win an iPad? It’s happening on our Facebook page!